Thomas Jackson

Thomas Jonathan Jackson was born on january 21,1824 in clarksberg Virginia . He entered west point in july 1842 and in spite of his poor childhood education worked hard to graduate, Jackson was sent on military duty to Mexico and contined his survice in the United States Army in positions in New York and Florida. In 1851 Jackson became professer of artillary tactics and natural philosophy at Virginia. He resigned from the army as of febuary 29, 1852.

Jackson’s summer vacation’s from teaching were often spent vacationing in the North and in Europe where his interest were aroused is in art and culture  rather than military or political aspects. This somewhat calm domestic period in his life came to a close on April 21,1861 when he was ordered to go to Richmond as part of the cadet corps. Since military aspirations had faded from his life,he was virtually unknown in the sphere.

On may 2,1863, in his last march of the Civil war, Jackson was wounded by friendly fire. He died of pneumonia several days later on may 10 at Guiney’s station Virginia. His body was carried to Richmond and then to Lexington where it was buried. It is said that the Army of Northern Virginia never fully recovered from the loss of Stonewell Robert E. Lee believed Jackson was irreplaceable.

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