Church Camp…Day 4

On day 4 we woke up, and went to the shower house.  We went in to get our showers, and saw a mouse in the shower house.  We screamed…we ran…we told our counselor!  Then we got a shower in the Counselors’ Shower House.

Next we went to the Dining Hall and ate breakfast.  We had French Toast, and it was so good!  After that we went to the Tabernacle and had “God and I” time.  We did silent reading from our Devotional Book, which had a paragraph about God, a game, and a Bible Memory Verse in it.  This was followed with Game Time, where we played Kickball and another game of Human Foosball.

Next was my favorite part…The Concession Stand!  Of course I had the same as every other day…2 or 3 Pixie Sticks, Popcorn, 2 Ice Cream Cones, 1 Ice Cream Sandwich, and 2 or 3 Push Pops.  Sorry Mom…I know you wouldn’t let me have this much, but it was really good!  I might have had 4 Fudge Bars on this day too, but I can’t remember.

Now it was time for the Preaching Service, where Brother Chavez talked about Zaccheaus.  We learned that he was a selfish tax collector, who climbed a tree to see Jesus.  We learned that Jesus loved him, and would forgive Zaccheaus’s sins just like he forgives our sins.

Preaching Service was followed by lunch, where we had Burritos or Tacos…our choice.  I had a Burrito.  Then it was time for Swim Time.  We did relay races, and Breathing Under Water competition, and the Biggest Splash competition.  I won the relay race and the breathing under water competition.  The boys had swim time after us, while we had Free Time.  During free time I jumped off the loft in our cabin and smacked my face on the floor of the cabin.  I was okay though, so I did it again!  So most of our Free Time we spent just jumping off the loft in our cabin.

Dinnertime was next.  We had Hamburgers and Funnel Cake for dessert!  I liked the Funnel Cake because we had our choice of toppings.  I had strawberries on mine!  Yum!  Dinnertime was followed by our second Preaching Service of the day, instead of having a sermon from Brother Chavez, we had our awards ceremony.  At this ceremony I won 4 ribbons.  Here is what I won…

1st place…Most Athletic Camper

2nd place…Best Listener

3rd place…Bible Memorization

3rd place…Cleanest Cabin

I was surprised to win Most Athletic Camper, and  3rd place for Bible Memorization.  I memorized 65 Bible verses during the week.  My friend, Daniel got 1st place with 365 verses memorized, and my friend Allyssa got 2nd place with 69 verses memorized.  I got most athletic for winning so many races, including beating everyone at camp in 6 Cross Country running races.

After the Awards Ceremony, we all went outside for a Bonfire.  We had hotdogs and roasted marshmallows  over the fire.  We had a time where anyone who wanted to share their testimony could, a time where counselors would introduce all the campers in their cabin, and Brother John announced which team won for the week.  My team, Case IH, won!  After this we sang a song and prayed, then went back to our cabins.

When we got to our cabin, our counselor brought pizza and soda, and we all went to another girls cabin and had a pizza party to celebrate our last night at camp.  Afterwards we went back to our cabin and fell fast asleep.  This was my favorite day at camp, and I miss camp a lot!

14 thoughts on “Church Camp…Day 4

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  2. congratulations on your medals….but the food,,,,,,,,all those snacks,,,,,,,,,,and meals in between……girl!!! where did you put it all in your little tummy???? hahaha. so glad you had a great time, now you have great memories and something to look forward to, next year at camp!

  3. That’s how she had the energy to win all those races!!
    Congrats on all the awards, especially all the verses you’ve learned. May they settle deep in your heart!
    BTW how do you compete at breathing underwater? I thought that’s how you drown! 😉

      • LOL! I figured that’s what you meant, but it was a funny thought! 🙂
        I got to go to camp a couple of times and it would have been great if other girls would have hung out with me, so I enjoy watching your delight!

      • Thank you! I was lucky to be in a cabin of girls from my church who are my friends. So everyone was with girls from their own church so they wouldn’t be alone with those they didn’t know. I did make friends with some of the girls from other churches too.

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