Church Camp Day 3

So on day 3 of camp we got up,  got dressed, and went over the schedule.  Then we got to do something fun… we got to paint are faces!  We painted “Go Case IH”  across our faces.  The paint felt cold, and it stung.  So after that, we went to the dining hall, and prayed, said the pledge, and said our verse for the day.  Then we ate breakfast.  We had the best grits and eggs ever!  “Sorry mom”. 😀   Later we played a game called Human Foosball.  What we did was hold on to these loops made of rope which were hanging on hooks on the roof, and they had two goalies for each side and three people on one side trying to get the ball in our net, also three people on the other side trying to get the ball in their net.  We won the game and fell on ou butts twice.   After we won we had to give high fives and say good game to the other kids who were playing for the other team.   Then we went to the snack shop, and I got ice cream, a pixie stick, soda, popcorn, and another pixie stick.

After which I asked my friend, “Did I over do it?”

She said,  “Maybe just a little.”

Next we had preaching service,  and Brother Chris was so funny!   He was making fun of the fact that the people in the story of Moses who built the Golden Cow.   He said that they were praying to the Sun God Bael, asking him to shoot down fire to light their alter.  He said they kept praying, and praying for Bael to shoot down fire.  Fineally the guy that was praying for the fire stood on the alter and kept praying for fire.

Brother Chris said,  “I only call people idiots if they really are,  and trust me this guy was.  I mean… why would he stand on the alter if he wanted him to send fire?”

Later we had dinner time we had hamburgers… mmmmmmm!

Then we went to sleep, even though I could not go to sleep until my brain shut down, which took forever.

8 thoughts on “Church Camp Day 3

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  2. I like my grits with creamy shrimp sauce, but that’s more a supper thing…
    Human Foosball sounds like a lot of fun.
    BTW that Baal guy wasn’t being “dumb,” he was offering himself as a sacrifice for extra incentive to his god. It didn’t work, of course, but he did have a “good” reason.

    • Thank you reading my blog! Mom says we can try the grits with the shrimp sauce sometime for dinner, I can’t wait to! The human foosball was fun, and was one of my favorite games at camp. Also thank you for teaching me more about the Bible story. I just loved the way the pastor taught about the whole story because he made it funny and kept our attention, but also taught us a lesson in it.

      • Amen, that’s the way to do it!
        I’d heard about Shrimp and Grits and in May I tried to find a local restaurant that served it. When I couldn’t find one, I decided to see if I could make it myself. It’s so easy I’ve made it twice. Although the second time I didn’t use cream, just a roux with milk but it was still pretty tasty!

      • Mom told me the other day if we don’t have cream but want to make something that takes cream, all we have to do is melt unsalted butter and mix it into regular whole milk and it will make cream again.

      • I’m not sure the flavor would be the same, but it’d still be pretty good. A roux just adds white flour to the melted butter a minute before adding the milk to thicken it (I do it all the time for homemade mac & cheese). Have fun cooking!

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