Church Camp Day 2

On Tuesday we got up at 7:00 a.m. and we went to the girls’ shower house to get a shower, and to brush our hair and teeth.  Then are counselor ran over our schedule for Tuesday.

8:00 am… Cabin clean up

8:30 am… Breakfast,  we had Biscuits and Gravy.

9:00 am… “God and I Time”, we read the Bible and did devotions.

9:30 am… “Game Time Tuesday”,  we played basketball.  I beat the boys and won the game,  and I didn’t even  know the rules of how to play basketball.

10:15 am… Concession stand,  I got ice cream every time!

11:00 am… Preaching service with Brother Chaves.

12:00 pm… Lunch

12:30 pm… Rest time,  all the girls would go to shower house, get our bathing suits on,  and say verses until the pool was open for Swim time.

1:00 pm… Girls swim time/Boys play games.

2:30 pm… Boys swim time/Girls play games, we played Gorilla Ball!

5:00 pm dinner… We had chicken nuggets.

6:30 pm… Preaching service

7:30 pm… Concession stand time.

8:00 pm… Evening activity

9:30 pm… Evening Devotions

10:00 pm… Lights out

So we did cabin clean up, and got Third Place over all the cabins, which meant we got to be third place in the lunch line.  Then we had breakfast.   We had biscuits and gravy, all home made. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!   After breakfast, we had “God and I Time” with Brother Winders, and played a game.   I forgot to tell you that we everyone in the camp was split into 2 teams.   We did not get to pick what team we were on.   Brother Winders picked the teams for us.   The teams were Team Case IH, and Team John Deere.   My team was Case IH.   We also had cabin names.   Our cabin name was Harvester,  so we came up with a song to match our cabin name.   It went like this…

“We are the Harvesters,

The mighty mighty Harvesters,

The bible reading Harvesters,

The John Deere crushing Harvesters.


Anyway after “God and I Time”,  we played basketball which I’ve never played,  but I’ve watched the boys play at Homeschool Choir,  but still I didn’t know the rules to the game.  So one of my friends tried to explain it to me.

He said, “Now do you get it”?

I replied, “I just missed 1 thing.”

He said ” What?”

I said, “Everything after… ‘Okay,  first.”  But I tried to play anyway.

My friend came over at the end of the game, and said,  “You Won!  You Won!”

I said,  “How?”

He said,  “I have no clue,  whatsoever .”

So a little later in the day we went swimming,   I was kind of scared,  because I did not know how to swim that well yet, and my mom still has to teach me how to swim in the deep end this summer.   Everyone was talking about how fun the deep end of the pool was, so I decided to  jump in the deep end and try to swim it.   All I could think about was, “If I survive this I am so grounded!”  Well, I survived, and I ended up learning how to swim in the deep end,  and yes…I’m GROUNDED!!!!!!   Later that evening we all went to the gym and played our evening game, which was a game where the boys on the opposite teams played basketball,  and the girls hit them with pillows.   When they played and we hit them with the pillows, I really enjoyed this game.   Around the time when we had to go to bed,  it was hard  for our counselor to get us to sleep,  but she did around 11:30 p.m., Finally!

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