Church Camp Day 1

Last week I went to church camp, and it was really fun!   The first day my friend’s dad picked me up from my house, and we went to the church.  As soon as we got there, the church parking lot was packed with parents and kids putting there suitcases in the back of the bus.  After everyone was there we went into the church for 15 minutes,  so we would know the rules for the bus.   The last thing the bus driver said to us at the church was… “Do any of you need to go to the bathroom?”  As soon as she said that we all raised our hands and she whispered to the choir directer… “KIDS!”  We finally all got into the bus, and I sat right by my friend, Allyssa,  and then we took off.  We all were singing songs on the bus.  The girls were singing songs we had learned in church, but the boys were singing songs from Veggie Tales,  including  “The Cheeseburger Song”,  and then they started singing some strange song called “This is the Best Burrito.”   I told my friend that I thought the boys are hungry, and then in the most anoying tone three boys sitting behind us started singing…We’re almost to camp, for about an hour before we even got to camp.  Finally  we arrived at camp, and everyone started to scream.   The three boys behind us screamed…”LUNCH!”   We all took our suitcases down to our cabins then.   I shared a cabin with Allyssa, Laurren, Madelynn, Jessica, Kayla,  and a little girl named Peyton.   After that we all went to the tabernacle and went over the camp rules which were the following…

1.   All meds must be turned in to the camp nurse.

2.  Campers are to stay with your counselor, and group at all times.  Do not wander off by yourself.

3.  No visiting a cabin other than your own without permission from your counselor.

4.  No one should be in the pool area without a lifeguard present.

5.  Hats should not be worn during meals or church services.

6.  No cursing, or any kind of offensive language.

7.  No horseplay in the cabins, dorms, or dining hall.

8.  No tobacco, alcohol, or drugs of any kind.

After we went over the rules we had lunch.  We went swimming, then we went to church.  Next we had dinner, and then we played a game.  Finally then we went to bed.  Here are some pictures of my week at camp.

Some of the teen workers and counselors at camp singing for us.

This was the speaker at camp.  He was funny, and told stories from the Bible in a cool way.  I thought he was fun to listen to.

There is the tabernacle where we had church services.

This is the front of one of the girls’ cabins.  I liked the porch swing.

This is the inside of the cabins, and I got to sleep up in the loft over the door.

These were the girls’ cabins and my cabin was the third one.  These are the backs of the cabins.

I’m going to write more about camp, but a day at a time.  It was a lot of fun and I hope to go next year again!  I hope you will come back next week to hear more about what camp was like.


7 thoughts on “Church Camp Day 1

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  2. i am so glad you had a great time. the photos are excellent. this brings back so many great memories of my own church camp days………..thank you for sharing with me

  3. LOL!
    What a cool looking camp! I finally took your mom’s advice and came over to check out your blog. Those are some great cabins. Did they have a counselor for each one?
    BTW I had to highlight your words to read them with the busy back ground. Maybe it’s just my computer? It is a nice picture though. 🙂

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