Basset Hounds

Many people think Basset Hounds are strange looking dogs, but actually this is so you love them.  They are a breed of thier own and love people.  Basset Hounds love to be petted a lot,  and they enjoy all types of people.  They are a group of solid dogs bred to hunt rabbits.   The best fact about basset hounds is that there short shiny coat allows them to use it in any condition.  Rain and snow will fall off thier backs,  and they can withstand some heat.  However, in hotter climates you will want to keep them inside.

Basset hounds were bred by the English aristocracy because they wanted a animal that would hunt rabbits.  They were able to get these hounds to work much more effectively than horses.  Usually the rabbits were frightend away by the sound of the horses hooves pounding on the ground.  The basset hound that we know today is a decent from the St. Hubert Hounds in England.

6 thoughts on “Basset Hounds

  1. As a child I had a basset called Droopy (he came with the name). He was fantastic and I loved him dearly. Thank you for reminding me of a wonderful friend.

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