September 11 2001

On September 11 2001,nineteen Al-Queda terrorists coordinated suicide attacks.They all had the intent of dying in the process of killing others.All nineteen coordinators died,crashing planes into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City,another plane into the Pentagon in Virginia and the fourth and final plane into a field in Pennsylvania.They killed 2,973 victims in the process.These planes were far from empty.The Al-Queda terrorists hijacked commercial planes,246 people occupied these four planes,246 people died on these four planes.The fourth plane was crashed as the result of onboard passengers and flight crew battling with terrorists in attempt to take control of the plane.Later analysis has shown that this plane was en route to either the Capital or the White House.It took all the strength and bravery they had to take them down. They knew they going to die they rather die as Heros.

6 thoughts on “September 11 2001

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  2. That was very well written and so beautiful! I’m glad I found your blog! We are about the same age and I’m glad young girls like you are writing such heartfelt writings to the glory of God! God bless you! 🙂

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