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After a day of visiting Blogs that are new to me, I was introduced to one that had a post that I related to the topic of the day very much.  This blog post dealth with Lies, and begged to get the message out to STOP the LIEING!  I agreed with it wholeheartedly, because there is way too much of it happening today, in the news, in politics, in our homes, our soceity, and especially in our government!  People are acting like lieing is just an accepted neccessity in today’s world, as if all lies are just little fibs or white lies.  Let me tell you…there is no little fib, no just a simple white lie.  All lies are just the same…and in the eyes of God they rate the same as murder, adultery, lust, hatred, and every other sin.  If you start a relationship based on lies, it will end quickly based on either more lies, or the uncovering of the original lies.  If you take a job based on lies you told in your interview and on your application, sooner or later you will lose that job when those lies come to light.

A lie even meant in good conscience will eventually cause some hurt.  For instance, I grew up with Santa Claus…no that isn’t a lie…my dad actually played Santa Claus.  So we were taught to share this little lie as if it were the truth.  My one regret was ever pushing that little lie on my own children.  Oh I know there was a St. Nicholas, and indeed he is known for giving to those in need, but the Santa Claus with the 8 reindeer and the elves in the workshop…that we know is a “little fib”…it’s a lie.  You wonder how the hurt comes from this lie.  If you have been a parent who eventually had to tell your children the truth about Santa, you will remember that moment when you told your child and saw the look in their eyes that said “my childhood faith has ended.”  If you didn’t tell them, and allowed them to continue to believe, then you remember that moment when they came home telling you that “Johnny or Jane” were making fun of them because they still believed.  Either way that one little lie hurt them.  I’m not saying you are wrong to let them believe…that is your choice, but if I had to do it over again…I think I would just tell them the truth!

Another little lie thought to be meant for good, is the “Yes, that looks good on you lie.”   I know that men get stuck with this one often, because they don’t know for sure how to answer a woman who ask, “How does this make me look?”  Personally, tell me the truth.  If I ask if it makes my backside look big, then I want to know the truth so I don’t go out in something that makes my backside look big.  If I ask if it is too short, tell me the truth…’cause I’m way too old to wear mini skirts.  In the same way, you can be honest and avoid saying the wrong thing by looking at the good points of the outfit…like “That green is a good color for your eyes…but that hemline is a wee bit short for this event.”  That is called “tact”.  You aren’t lieing, and you are finding good even in the bad.

Tact is a loss art form of bygone ages of true ladies and gentlemen.  You didn’t lie, you were kind and found good points to mention to keep from lieing to another.  Being caught in a lie was frowned upon back in those days, and lieing would sully your reputation beyond repair.  Now people relish in the fact that they lie and don’t get caught, even if their conscience eeks at them daily.  And when they are caught lieing, they think the right thing to do is redirect people’s view of them by lieing again.  I often wonder if these same people ever were schooled in the same school system that I grew up in.  Have we all not heard the little ditty…”Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practiced to decieve”?  One lies leads to another, to another, and ultimately you have had to lie so much to cover up each progressive lie that you forget half the lies you told, and that is when your web starts getting swept away strand by strand.  Before long you’ve lost your reputation, your loved ones, your support system, your past and your future.  No one trust you, believes you, and ultimately you will have burned so many bridges with your lies that you will find yourself set adrift on the raging, stormy river called life…alone.  You will have no one to blame but yourself, and no one to help you get your reputation and life back.  Even God isn’t just going to go “poof” and help you put it magically into place.  Even in going to the Lord for forgiveness, you will still have so much mending to do that it will take most of the rest of your life.

You see…I’m not trying to say that I don’t do this and so you shouldn’t.  I’m telling you that I know from my own experience.  No, I am not holding a huge lie as a secret.  I don’t have a hidden body in the cellar, or a secret life style that I’m hiding.  I just know that the little lies in my life have sometimes become covered over with other lies that I ended up with more regrets than I knew how to deal with by myself.  I wouldn’t want to see others go through the regrets I had because I didn’t warn them of the consequences of lieing.  So…this is from one sinner to another.  Please think twice before you tell that next lie!  It might just be the one that sets your tangled web to unweaving.  It might be the one that causes you the loss of someone in your life that was put there by God to help you, love you, and even carry you through the hard times.

There is one more lie that I want to encourage you to put a stop to.  That is the lie we now call journalism.  I don’t want to put an end to journalism, because true journalism based on true facts and telling the truth is a good thing…and is often what our real History is based on.  I’m talking about this “phony” journalism that is evident on ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, and yes even on FOX.  It’s the “phony” journalism that is being used in hundreds of newspapers like the New York Times, even our local newspaper is guilty of it.  Unfortunately, even many bloggers are guilty of it as well.  Painting the truth with a lie to make it favor their side of the political and soceital issues.   This is reporting based on political opinion and not the true facts.  It is filled with lies upon more lies, false polls, false charts, false studies, and pure political leaning and opinion.  And it is WRONG!  It is allowing the truth to be buried so that one person, or one group can get their agenda through.  The bad thing is that it is also being battled with the same tactics.  For a person to know the truth, they need to do their own research, form their own opinions, find the real facts, because you sure aren’t going to get it from people who will do anything for power, fame, or wealth, or a handout so that they don’t have to work.  In the past 8 years I’ve found myself more than once doing hours of research to find the truth on issues, on bills going through Congress and on Candidates.  For someone to think that I’m going to buy their newest lie, is like a fool saying there is no God…it’s going to come back to bite you in the end.  If you stop buying the lies, and do your own research you will find that you are indeed a stronger person, and you will be so grounded in the truth that you won’t be batted around by the latest political lie…and even the latest personal lie told to you.  You will find that you have a firm foundation…and are really planted firmly on a rock that will keep the storms that are raging from battering you stand for the truth.  Until we all STOP, and say “Enough is Enough!”, we will continue to allow these entities fill the world, our government, our schools, churches, newspapers, television news, cable news, and our families with lie upon lie upon lie.

So today, I’m joining this Life Revelation in saying…”STOP LIEING!”  and “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”  I’m also calling on other bloggers to do the same…to promise to share only the truth and to give a clear division on what is truth and what is fiction.  I’m not talking about you story tellers and authors who make a living writing and telling fiction stories.  I am talking about those who are reporting on issues, on life, and on politics, on current events.  Please hold to the truth in real journalism…report the facts and don’t base your words on lies and any falsehoods!  I challenge my fellow bloggers to join the call to encourage the truth as the only accepted form of journalism and as the way we choose to live and set the example for our children and grandchildren.

Here is the link to the blog that inspired this call for truth…

Before We Go Any Further « LifeRevelation.

4 thoughts on “Before We Go Any Further « LifeRevelation

    • I have to be honest…my mom posted this, but I agree with her. She was in a hurry because we had to take dad to the emergency room, and when she clicked it she put it on my blog instead of hers. But I’m letting her keep it here too, cause she was right, lieing is wrong.

  1. This is a post from my mom. I agree with it, because Jesus doesn’t like us lieing or being mean to each other. My mom says I’m good that way, because I know it is wrong to lie, and I don’t like to be mean either.

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