Going To The ZOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK so I went to the zoo with my mom and dad. I was so excited because mom said we would go see the dolphin show.So we got in the car to go to the zoo.When we got to the zoo we went to get tickets for the dolphin show we got the tickets.The first thing my mom did when we walked through the gates was take pictures.

So first thing we saw was the ocean room. We saw seals,fish,jellyfish,sharks,starfish,stingrays,penguins, and polar bears.This personally was my favorite room. My favorite thing  in the ocean room was the shark touch tank and no matter what my mom said I was not scared.My favorite animal in the ocean room was the seals they were the cutest animal to.Oh I almost forgot to tell you the first and last thing my mom did was take pictures.

Then we went  to the desert room the first thing my mom did was take pictures. The second thing she did was say “its hot in here” Duh!!!!!!.In the desert room we saw Turtles,lizards,and snakes.My favorite animal was the turtles. I loved when they would try to walk up the wall. There was one more animal. It was the meerkat that was cute too. There was one trying to get his picture taken, so he would try to pose.

Next we saw all of the birds the ducks.There were not many birds but there were a few. There were Ducks,flamingos,vultures and parrots.Oh yea don,t want to forget the first thing my mom did was take pictures.What I like is when you eat lunch your actually by all the birds and you can feed the ducks.Mom would always try to sound like them it just sounds funny.

The last thing we saw was the plains area. That was my favorite area because of all the animals.There was giraffes,zebras,tigers,bears,cheetahs,lions,monkeys,gazelles,elephants,rhinos and cool type of dog that’s runs after cheetah and this dog was huge like bigger than my dad and my dad is 6 foot. But it was best animal out of all the animals we saw and the cutest.Sadly we did not get to see the dolphin show because my mom was not filling good .But I did get to get something at the gift shop.I got a toy seal with huge eyes. The last thing mom did was take pictures.

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