What Should I Read Next? Poll

I like to read!  In fact I read a lot, and run out of things to read often.  So now I’m trying to decide what type of book to read next and you can help me decide by voting in my poll.  So tell me, what do you think I should read next?  If you like you can post a comment to recommend a book that would be good for a reader my age.  Make sure you give me the name of the book and the author’s name.  Caution…I don’t like horror, things that are gross, guns and other weapons, unChristian things, or nasty things…so keep it clean and good!

4 thoughts on “What Should I Read Next? Poll

    • My mom and I do book reviews for a site called Radiant Lit.com. You should check out the reviews on that site. You’ll find some good books there. There is a link on my mom’s blog forhisgloryandpraise.wordpress.com Hope you find something there. Jk

  1. Thank you. I’ve already read both of Sarah Palin’s books, and will look into other biographies and autobiographies too! By the way, my mom said to say Hi, because you are a friend of her’s from when she was in high school.

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