Mary Ann Ball Bickerdyke

Mary was born july 19 1827, near mount vernon Ohio. She enrolled at berlin college one of the few institutions of higher education open to women at this time in the United States but she did not graduate. Upon leaving oberlin Bickerdyke became a nurse. She assisted doctersin cincinnat ohio during the cholera epidemic of 1837. Ten years later she married Robert bickerdyke. The couple moved to Galesburg Illinois in 1856. Robert Bickerdyke continued to work as a nurse to support her two young sons.  At the outbreak of the American Civil war residents of galesberg purchased medical supplies worth five hundred dollers for soldiers serving at Cairo Illinois. The townspeople trusted Bickerdyke to deliver these supplies. Upon arriving in Cairo Bickerdyke used the supplies to establish a hospital for the northern soldiers. Once darkness fell she would carry a lantern into the disputed area between the two competing armies and retrieve wounded soldiers. She was present at the battel of shiloh the Atlanta campaign and many other engagements. Bickerdyke remaind in kansas for the rest of her life.She died November 8 1901. She was buried in galesburg Illinois.

Thomas Jackson

Thomas Jonathan Jackson was born on january 21,1824 in clarksberg Virginia . He entered west point in july 1842 and in spite of his poor childhood education worked hard to graduate, Jackson was sent on military duty to Mexico and contined his survice in the United States Army in positions in New York and Florida. In 1851 Jackson became professer of artillary tactics and natural philosophy at Virginia. He resigned from the army as of febuary 29, 1852.

Jackson’s summer vacation’s from teaching were often spent vacationing in the North and in Europe where his interest were aroused is in art and culture  rather than military or political aspects. This somewhat calm domestic period in his life came to a close on April 21,1861 when he was ordered to go to Richmond as part of the cadet corps. Since military aspirations had faded from his life,he was virtually unknown in the sphere.

On may 2,1863, in his last march of the Civil war, Jackson was wounded by friendly fire. He died of pneumonia several days later on may 10 at Guiney’s station Virginia. His body was carried to Richmond and then to Lexington where it was buried. It is said that the Army of Northern Virginia never fully recovered from the loss of Stonewell Robert E. Lee believed Jackson was irreplaceable.

Church Camp…Day 4

On day 4 we woke up, and went to the shower house.  We went in to get our showers, and saw a mouse in the shower house.  We screamed…we ran…we told our counselor!  Then we got a shower in the Counselors’ Shower House.

Next we went to the Dining Hall and ate breakfast.  We had French Toast, and it was so good!  After that we went to the Tabernacle and had “God and I” time.  We did silent reading from our Devotional Book, which had a paragraph about God, a game, and a Bible Memory Verse in it.  This was followed with Game Time, where we played Kickball and another game of Human Foosball.

Next was my favorite part…The Concession Stand!  Of course I had the same as every other day…2 or 3 Pixie Sticks, Popcorn, 2 Ice Cream Cones, 1 Ice Cream Sandwich, and 2 or 3 Push Pops.  Sorry Mom…I know you wouldn’t let me have this much, but it was really good!  I might have had 4 Fudge Bars on this day too, but I can’t remember.

Now it was time for the Preaching Service, where Brother Chavez talked about Zaccheaus.  We learned that he was a selfish tax collector, who climbed a tree to see Jesus.  We learned that Jesus loved him, and would forgive Zaccheaus’s sins just like he forgives our sins.

Preaching Service was followed by lunch, where we had Burritos or Tacos…our choice.  I had a Burrito.  Then it was time for Swim Time.  We did relay races, and Breathing Under Water competition, and the Biggest Splash competition.  I won the relay race and the breathing under water competition.  The boys had swim time after us, while we had Free Time.  During free time I jumped off the loft in our cabin and smacked my face on the floor of the cabin.  I was okay though, so I did it again!  So most of our Free Time we spent just jumping off the loft in our cabin.

Dinnertime was next.  We had Hamburgers and Funnel Cake for dessert!  I liked the Funnel Cake because we had our choice of toppings.  I had strawberries on mine!  Yum!  Dinnertime was followed by our second Preaching Service of the day, instead of having a sermon from Brother Chavez, we had our awards ceremony.  At this ceremony I won 4 ribbons.  Here is what I won…

1st place…Most Athletic Camper

2nd place…Best Listener

3rd place…Bible Memorization

3rd place…Cleanest Cabin

I was surprised to win Most Athletic Camper, and  3rd place for Bible Memorization.  I memorized 65 Bible verses during the week.  My friend, Daniel got 1st place with 365 verses memorized, and my friend Allyssa got 2nd place with 69 verses memorized.  I got most athletic for winning so many races, including beating everyone at camp in 6 Cross Country running races.

After the Awards Ceremony, we all went outside for a Bonfire.  We had hotdogs and roasted marshmallows  over the fire.  We had a time where anyone who wanted to share their testimony could, a time where counselors would introduce all the campers in their cabin, and Brother John announced which team won for the week.  My team, Case IH, won!  After this we sang a song and prayed, then went back to our cabins.

When we got to our cabin, our counselor brought pizza and soda, and we all went to another girls cabin and had a pizza party to celebrate our last night at camp.  Afterwards we went back to our cabin and fell fast asleep.  This was my favorite day at camp, and I miss camp a lot!

Church Camp Day 3

So on day 3 of camp we got up,  got dressed, and went over the schedule.  Then we got to do something fun… we got to paint are faces!  We painted “Go Case IH”  across our faces.  The paint felt cold, and it stung.  So after that, we went to the dining hall, and prayed, said the pledge, and said our verse for the day.  Then we ate breakfast.  We had the best grits and eggs ever!  “Sorry mom”. 😀   Later we played a game called Human Foosball.  What we did was hold on to these loops made of rope which were hanging on hooks on the roof, and they had two goalies for each side and three people on one side trying to get the ball in our net, also three people on the other side trying to get the ball in their net.  We won the game and fell on ou butts twice.   After we won we had to give high fives and say good game to the other kids who were playing for the other team.   Then we went to the snack shop, and I got ice cream, a pixie stick, soda, popcorn, and another pixie stick.

After which I asked my friend, “Did I over do it?”

She said,  “Maybe just a little.”

Next we had preaching service,  and Brother Chris was so funny!   He was making fun of the fact that the people in the story of Moses who built the Golden Cow.   He said that they were praying to the Sun God Bael, asking him to shoot down fire to light their alter.  He said they kept praying, and praying for Bael to shoot down fire.  Fineally the guy that was praying for the fire stood on the alter and kept praying for fire.

Brother Chris said,  “I only call people idiots if they really are,  and trust me this guy was.  I mean… why would he stand on the alter if he wanted him to send fire?”

Later we had dinner time we had hamburgers… mmmmmmm!

Then we went to sleep, even though I could not go to sleep until my brain shut down, which took forever.

Church Camp Day 2

On Tuesday we got up at 7:00 a.m. and we went to the girls’ shower house to get a shower, and to brush our hair and teeth.  Then are counselor ran over our schedule for Tuesday.

8:00 am… Cabin clean up

8:30 am… Breakfast,  we had Biscuits and Gravy.

9:00 am… “God and I Time”, we read the Bible and did devotions.

9:30 am… “Game Time Tuesday”,  we played basketball.  I beat the boys and won the game,  and I didn’t even  know the rules of how to play basketball.

10:15 am… Concession stand,  I got ice cream every time!

11:00 am… Preaching service with Brother Chaves.

12:00 pm… Lunch

12:30 pm… Rest time,  all the girls would go to shower house, get our bathing suits on,  and say verses until the pool was open for Swim time.

1:00 pm… Girls swim time/Boys play games.

2:30 pm… Boys swim time/Girls play games, we played Gorilla Ball!

5:00 pm dinner… We had chicken nuggets.

6:30 pm… Preaching service

7:30 pm… Concession stand time.

8:00 pm… Evening activity

9:30 pm… Evening Devotions

10:00 pm… Lights out

So we did cabin clean up, and got Third Place over all the cabins, which meant we got to be third place in the lunch line.  Then we had breakfast.   We had biscuits and gravy, all home made. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!   After breakfast, we had “God and I Time” with Brother Winders, and played a game.   I forgot to tell you that we everyone in the camp was split into 2 teams.   We did not get to pick what team we were on.   Brother Winders picked the teams for us.   The teams were Team Case IH, and Team John Deere.   My team was Case IH.   We also had cabin names.   Our cabin name was Harvester,  so we came up with a song to match our cabin name.   It went like this…

“We are the Harvesters,

The mighty mighty Harvesters,

The bible reading Harvesters,

The John Deere crushing Harvesters.


Anyway after “God and I Time”,  we played basketball which I’ve never played,  but I’ve watched the boys play at Homeschool Choir,  but still I didn’t know the rules to the game.  So one of my friends tried to explain it to me.

He said, “Now do you get it”?

I replied, “I just missed 1 thing.”

He said ” What?”

I said, “Everything after… ‘Okay,  first.”  But I tried to play anyway.

My friend came over at the end of the game, and said,  “You Won!  You Won!”

I said,  “How?”

He said,  “I have no clue,  whatsoever .”

So a little later in the day we went swimming,   I was kind of scared,  because I did not know how to swim that well yet, and my mom still has to teach me how to swim in the deep end this summer.   Everyone was talking about how fun the deep end of the pool was, so I decided to  jump in the deep end and try to swim it.   All I could think about was, “If I survive this I am so grounded!”  Well, I survived, and I ended up learning how to swim in the deep end,  and yes…I’m GROUNDED!!!!!!   Later that evening we all went to the gym and played our evening game, which was a game where the boys on the opposite teams played basketball,  and the girls hit them with pillows.   When they played and we hit them with the pillows, I really enjoyed this game.   Around the time when we had to go to bed,  it was hard  for our counselor to get us to sleep,  but she did around 11:30 p.m., Finally!

Church Camp Day 1

Last week I went to church camp, and it was really fun!   The first day my friend’s dad picked me up from my house, and we went to the church.  As soon as we got there, the church parking lot was packed with parents and kids putting there suitcases in the back of the bus.  After everyone was there we went into the church for 15 minutes,  so we would know the rules for the bus.   The last thing the bus driver said to us at the church was… “Do any of you need to go to the bathroom?”  As soon as she said that we all raised our hands and she whispered to the choir directer… “KIDS!”  We finally all got into the bus, and I sat right by my friend, Allyssa,  and then we took off.  We all were singing songs on the bus.  The girls were singing songs we had learned in church, but the boys were singing songs from Veggie Tales,  including  “The Cheeseburger Song”,  and then they started singing some strange song called “This is the Best Burrito.”   I told my friend that I thought the boys are hungry, and then in the most anoying tone three boys sitting behind us started singing…We’re almost to camp, for about an hour before we even got to camp.  Finally  we arrived at camp, and everyone started to scream.   The three boys behind us screamed…”LUNCH!”   We all took our suitcases down to our cabins then.   I shared a cabin with Allyssa, Laurren, Madelynn, Jessica, Kayla,  and a little girl named Peyton.   After that we all went to the tabernacle and went over the camp rules which were the following…

1.   All meds must be turned in to the camp nurse.

2.  Campers are to stay with your counselor, and group at all times.  Do not wander off by yourself.

3.  No visiting a cabin other than your own without permission from your counselor.

4.  No one should be in the pool area without a lifeguard present.

5.  Hats should not be worn during meals or church services.

6.  No cursing, or any kind of offensive language.

7.  No horseplay in the cabins, dorms, or dining hall.

8.  No tobacco, alcohol, or drugs of any kind.

After we went over the rules we had lunch.  We went swimming, then we went to church.  Next we had dinner, and then we played a game.  Finally then we went to bed.  Here are some pictures of my week at camp.

Some of the teen workers and counselors at camp singing for us.

This was the speaker at camp.  He was funny, and told stories from the Bible in a cool way.  I thought he was fun to listen to.

There is the tabernacle where we had church services.

This is the front of one of the girls’ cabins.  I liked the porch swing.

This is the inside of the cabins, and I got to sleep up in the loft over the door.

These were the girls’ cabins and my cabin was the third one.  These are the backs of the cabins.

I’m going to write more about camp, but a day at a time.  It was a lot of fun and I hope to go next year again!  I hope you will come back next week to hear more about what camp was like.


   First expl…

   First explored for Spain by Hernando de Soto who discovered the Mississippi River in 1540, the region was later claimed by France group under Sieur d’lberville established the first permanent settlement near present-day Ocean Springs.Great Britain took over the area in 1763 after the French and Indian Wars,ceding it to the U.S. in 1783 after the Revolution. Spain did not relinquish its claims until 1798, and in 1810 the U.S. annexed West Florida from Spain, including what is now southern Mississippi.For a little more than one hundred years, from shortly after the state’s founding through the Great Depression, cotten was the undisputed king of mississippi’s largely agrarian economy.Over the last half-century, however, Mississippi has diversified its economy by balancing agricultural output with increased industrial activity.

God Gave Us Love By: Lisa Tawn Bergren

God Gave Us Love

By: Lisa Tawn Bergren

Artwork By Laura J. Bryant

Reviewed by Jklyn L.  for  Radiant

Genre:  Children’s Board Book

Publisher:  WaterBrook Press

Date: February 6, 2012

Reviewed for:  Radiant


This story is about a grandpa and granddaughter bear. These characters are really close, but when they go fishing one afternoon Little Cub, the granddaughter is mad at the otters for scaring the fish away.  Little Cub says, “I don’t like the otters anymore.  Their scaring all of the fish away.”  The grandpa tells Little Cub all about how God sent His Son down from Heaven to die on the cross, because He loves all of us, and wanted to save us from our sins.

The author, Lisa Tawn Bergren did a good  job at explaining the story so that younger kids could understand it, but the one thing she needs to do is when the characters go home, or something like that she needs to make mention of that movement in the story, so that the child will understand what is happening in the story better.  Other than this lack of movement,  the story was amazing.

I personally love the artwork by Laura J. Bryant, because it so cute.  I think if you read this story to a younger sister or brother, or your own child you need to point out the pictures, only because the story kind of jumps from place to place, but the pictures show them walking home.  The child you’re  reading the book to may not understand why their in one place and then on the next page their suddenly in another.

I think this is a great book for an older sister or brother to read to a younger sister or brother.  The child may have questions like” Where did they come from?”, or “How did they get there?” that you will need to answer by using the pictures in the book.  However, I think it is a great story to read to a toddler or 6-7 year old.  I definitely think this is a wonderful story about God’s love.

*Review copy provided by publisher–Thank you!

*G–young children may need parental help in reading and following the story, but isn’t necessary.


First explored for Frace by Robert Cavelier and Sieur de la Salle in 1679-1780 .The region figured importantly in the Franco-British struggled for North America that culminated with British victory in 1763.George Rogers Clark led the area during the Revolutinary war and prior to becoming a state.Indiana was the scene of frequent Indian uprisings until the victories of Gen Anthony Wayne at fallen timbers in 1794 and Gen William Henry Harrison at Tippecanoe in 1811 During the 19 century Indiana was the site of several experimentle communities including those established by George Rapp and Robert Owen at New Harmony.The state is leader in agriculture with corn the principal crop.Hogs,Soybeans,Wheat,oats,rye,Tomatoes,Onions and poultry also contribute heavilly to Indianas agriculture output.


Wilber Wright     Inventer

Forrest Tucker     Actor

Marjorie Main    Actress

Shelley Long     Actress

David Letterman     TV Host And Comedian

Buck Jones   Singer and Actor

Michael Jackson    Singer

Larry Bird    BasketBall Player

Marilyn Monroe    Actress

Shirley Temple Black     Actress and Ambassador

Bruce Willis   Actor

Walt Disney   Awesome

JoAnne Worley   Comedienne

Janet Jackson   Actor

Raven Symone   Actress

Nathen Kress   Actor